Why Is AntiMalware Service Executable using High Cpu?

antimalware service executable

The AntiMalware Service Executable process is part of the Windows Defender security tool that protects the operating system from malicious software.

But it may happen that the process will constantly start scanning the disk every time the computer exits from sleep mode and noticeably slows down the system. Consider how to disable AntiMalware Service Executable?

Why Is AntiMalware Service Executable using High Cpu?

antimalware service executable
antimalware service executable

Many users on the Microsoft forums are complaining about the AntiMalware Service Executable process, which heavily loads the cpu. The reason for the increased load on resources is scanning, which runs in the background.

Of course, you can wait until the end of the scanning process, when its activity decreases, and continue to work comfortably. But still, if the process starts constantly and loads the processor or disk to such an extent that it’s difficult to open any window or go into the program, then it’s worth turning off the background scan.

In the task manager, you can find out the degree of CPU or disk usage by the AntiMalware Service Executable process. But when you try to complete the process, the “Access denied” error occurs.

How to disable AntiMalware Service Executable

The reason for AntiMalware Service Executable is scheduled Windows Defender tasks that scan the system under the specified conditions. It’s enough to disconnect the job from the queue, and then restart the computer.

Press the Win + S key combination to call up the search string and enter “Task Scheduler”. Select “Job Scheduler” from the list of search results and run it by pressing Enter.

The tree of directories is displayed on the left side. Expanding it, go to the directory:  “Task Scheduler (local) – Job Scheduler Library – Microsoft – Windows Defender“.

In the center of the window, a list of tasks is displayed – there must be several variants of Windows Defender tasks (in our case, one scheduled task). Double click on the first one to view its settings. In a new window, go to the “Conditions” section. Here you will see 3 sections – Simple, Power and Network . Under each of them are the items “Run the task only when …” . Remove the Checks in each of them.

Repeat for each task in the list of Defender. Therefore, turn off the automatic system check. Then restart the computer.

This will solve your problem of Antimalware Service executable high cpu but will also make your computer prone to viruses. So make sure you install any other antivirus solution.

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