Samsung Oreo Update Tracker – When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update?

Samsung Oreo Update Tracker – When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update?: Android Oreo is the eighth major version of Android Operating System. It is the next updated version of Android released by Google. Updates are very important and play a significant role as an update always comes with new features which make performance on a smartphone easy. So timely and regular updates are necessary to compete with fast-growing technology. Android Oreo is as sweet as Oreo biscuit and also faster and powerful than its previous versions.

The Android Oreo has many improvements compared to its previous versions such as increased performance, long lasting battery life, speedy processor, new security measures, easy selection of text and many other. It also has an auto-fill option within Android 8, so no need to fill login details again and again into your favorite applications.

Samsung Oreo Update Tracker – When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update?

Samsung Oreo Update Tracker - When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update?
When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update?

Android Oreo 8.0 also has many accessibility features such as new fonts which you can download it easily, audio control access from the navigation bar, snoozing a notification so that you have more control over what you see. However, Oreo update is not compatible with all the smart devices as it is still work in progress.

We fully expect this list of features to grow as Google proceeds with Oreo updates in the next year.

Key Android 8 Oreo update features

  • Redesigned settings menu
  • Persistent notifications
  • Adaptive icons
  • Snooze notifications
  • Notification channels
  • Notification dots
  • Wi-Fi Assistant
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Background execution limits
  • Vitals
  • Autofill API
  • Project Treble
  • High-performance Bluetooth audio
  • Android Instant Apps
  1. Picture in Picture (PiP) mode

    • A picture in picture is a multi-window mode especially used for the purpose of video playback. This split-window is very helpful when you want to perform multiple tasks at the same time.
    • For example, if you want to watch a video and at the same time also want to access some of the apps then this PIP mode is very useful. All you need to do is first start playing video in video player or YouTube in full screen and press home screen the video will shrink down to a corner of the screen and continue playing so now you can also carry on with other tasks simultaneously.
    • It seems like a small floating video player and you can also relocate the video by further adjusting the size of floating screen. But not all the applications support this feature.
  2.  AutoFill

    • Autofill means to automatically fill in username and password for websites and apps. Google has extended its auto-fill technology into apps now.
    • You no longer have to remember your unique username and password for each application. With your permission, AutoFill remembers your login details to get you into your everyday usage apps quickly.
    • By default, this feature uses passwords from your Google account, only if you have saved them in Chrome or with Smart Lock. However, Auto fill feature not only work with Chrome password manager but it also works with third-party password managers. Autofill feature of Oreo saves you from that tedious task of entering login details each time you login into different apps.
  3. Faster boot times

    • The Android Oreo update claims to speed up the boot time of your phone. Also, the loading application is two times faster than that in Android Nougat.
    • Android Oreo is not only about looks but will also boost phones performance and battery life. By imposing limits on nonessential tasks the battery life is also quite improved.
  4. Adaptive icons

    • Google has introduced new standard design guidelines so that there is a unified design interface across the application. This means that once the application is updated with an Adaptive icon, all the icons of your home will automatically change to its matching shape according to the system settings.
    • We can say that it allows you to decide the shape for app icon according to your taste, it can be square, round, rounded square, squircle, teardrop, default etc. Depending on OEM implementations adaptive icons support a wide range of visual effects.
  5. Restricted background activities

    • This feature of Android Oreo will prevent excessive loss of battery life. As applications running in the background is the biggest reason for battery drains. Battery life will last longer than it currently does if you have the Android Oreo update.
    • The changes in background activities will automatically take place and you do not have to make any manual changes in settings only if the app is developed with this new operating system.
    • If the app is old Oreo gives you an option to toggle off background activity in such apps. But location restrictions will apply to all applications even if they were built in Android 8.0 or an older version.
  6. Notification dots

    • Android Oreo 8.0 came with new feature Notification dots to recognize new notifications. Previously notification dots or badges were only in iOS but now available in Android also.
    • Whenever there is new notification it will appear as a red dot at an upper right corner of the icon notifying pending alert.
    • However, Android Oreo doesn’t tell a number of notification you have within a given app but will inform you by distracting your vision to that red dot.
    • You can also enable or disable “Show Badge” feature on a per-app basis from Apps& Notification menu in settings.
  7. New emoji

    • Android Oreo 8.0 has a wide range of new emoji’s redesigned by Google. Users can now easily express their exact emotions with these emoji. They look more cartoonish and have a gradient applied to them.
    • A major change that Google made is it replaced the traditional blob-shaped emoji style to round face icons for Android Oreo.
    • There is also the new set of emoji in the form of starstruck, throwing up, fairy, mermaid, giraffe, wizard and even more options.
  8. Easter egg

    • An Android update cannot be without Easter Egg. It is a mini-game and pretty basic to try out. Android Nougat had cat feeding mini-game and Android Oreo has Easter Egg.
    • To access Easter Egg all you need to do is go to Settings then click on ‘About Phone’ and then start tapping multiple times on ‘Android Version’ and then clicking and holding on the O logo it takes us to screen having an only octopus. The game is such that you pull the black octopus all around the screen, mess around with it and its fun watching its legs flop all over the place.
    • The eight tentacles of an octopus represent Oreo 8.
  9. Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically

    • This little feature will automatically turn your Wi-Fi when you are near your home or office. When Wi-Fi is turned off everything will behave as it normally would behave thus saving battery life by not having your phone scan for access points all day.
    • Android Oreo will use your phone’s location and identify that you are back around home or office so it will automatically enable Wi-Fi for you.
  10. Smart Text Selection

    • In previous versions of Android text selection menu only displayed basic actions such as cut, copy, paste etc. But with Android Oreo 8.0 the text selection menu has also been updated.
    • The text selection menu includes intelligent actions which depend on the type of text you have selected. It will recommend the next logical step, for example, if you have selected a particular URL then it will suggest to open in Chrome or else if you select a phone number then it will suggest opening dialler application and if you select any text then it will suggest those traditional cut, copy, paste etc.


The following Samsung devices are confirmed to receive the Oreo update in the coming
months – Samsung Oreo Update Tracker:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update? [Samsung Oreo Update Tracker]

  • Expected Date for Galaxy A9 pro-Android Oreo update: June 2018 to July 2018
  • Expected Date for Galaxy A7 pro update: May 2018 to June 2018
  • Expected Date for Galaxy A5 Android Oreo update: June 2018 to December 2018.
  • Expected Date for Galaxy J7 Max Android Oreo update: After July 2018.
  • Expected Date for Galaxy J7 Nxt Android Oreo update: After May 2018
  • Expected Date for Galaxy J5 Prime Android Oreo update: June 2018 to September 2018.
Samsung Oreo Update Tracker
  • Samsung Oreo Update Tracker: When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update?


Samsung Oreo Update Tracker: When is your Samsung Phone getting the Android Oreo update? Android updates play a significant role. It is because of an update in the operating system which brings in new features which make performing tasks on a smartphone easy. Timely and regular updates are necessary.

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