Private Aviation Companies Making Chartered Jets More Accessible and Economic

The private aviation experience has become more accessible, thanks to the sudden boom in private aviation memberships. Now, you don’t have to wait for an office-sponsored trip or a rich family member’s bachelor party to enjoy a glass of fine Cabernet Sauvignon 41,000 feet above the ground.

A lot of these services, like JetSmarter, Surf Air, JetSuiteX, and JetClass make the above happen by booking seats offered by someone who has booked the entire private jet. Hence there are a couple of limitations. You will have to fly on a set schedule with strangers. This happens on commercial flights as well. The biggest advantage is that you can bypass the annoying stuffy airports where security check is hectic and you have to stand in long queues.

Using these private services will have you out of the airport in less than 10 minutes. A two-hour flight is reduced to a half-n-hour flight as the long processing time has been eliminated. These private aviation services often use small accessible airports that are closer to the city, frequently making the destination closer.

April heralded good news for European Surf Air users, who were dependent on a single aircraft. Surf Air revealed that they would be adding 10 new routes, with a special focus on Central Europe. Many cities who currently do not have a scheduled flight route shall be connected by Surf Air.

Surf Air’s booking prices are almost identical to British Airways’ charges. This private aviation company offers a combination of single-seat flights and all-you-can-fly monthly memberships under $500. This is way cheaper than having to charter a plane normally. Surf Air membership charges are just under $4,000. It’s highly economical as it is less than what an hour of charter flight charges. This enables flyers to make frequent trips.

JetSmarter has something special for Los Angeles International Airport as well. A plethora of services are going to be added for commercial passengers. This includes new items on the menu, more benefits and most importantly, complimentary access to The Private Suite at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that makes the flyers feel like world leaders.

JetSmarter passengers will be escorted to their royal suite which has a runway view, an on-call attendant, private bathroom, a never-diminishing food pantry, and a really comfortable and majestic-looking bed. While the JetSmarter passengers relax, the flight formalities are completed and the luggage is transported to the planeside crew.

The competition is increasing among the private aviation companies. It will surely lead to the reduction in prices of the regal features mentioned above. Maybe soon an average family from Texas may enjoy the private suites at LAX.

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