Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys 2018 [100% Working Activation Serial Keys]: Microsoft office 2010 is the successor to Microsoft Office 2007 and it is a version of Microsoft Office productivity suite. When you get Microsoft Office 2010 you get it with Microsoft office 2010 product key. Microsoft office 2010 was more “role-based” than previous versions; there are many features which helped employees in roles such as research and development professionals, salespeople, and human resources.

New features in Microsoft office 2010 also include a built-in screen capture tool, a background removal tool, new SmartArt templates and author permissions. You can use these entire features with the help of product key for Microsoft office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys 2018 [100% Working Activation Serial Keys]

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys 2018 [100% Working Activation Serial Keys]
Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys 2018 [100% Working Activation Serial Keys]
Previous version’s Office Button was replaced with a menu button that leads to a full-window file menu, known as Backstage View, giving easy access to task-centred functions such as printing and sharing. So this is one of the best office suits to use with the help of Microsoft office 2010 key.

Microsoft office 2010 product key is a 25-character code used to activate office. It looks like this:
Microsoft office 2010 serial key: XXXXX-XXXXX- XXXXX-XXXXX- XXXXX

Microsoft office 2010 Product Key/Activation key 32 Bit

  • W4D2C-3YK88- KMYP2-2QTXY- 28CCY
  • 76XCJ-YMH2W- YQQV6-XX76X- QK3K7

Microsoft office 2010 Product Key/Activation key 64 Bit

  • 72D2Y-R2D7F- HG6TM-H8W4M- CHCB4

Updated MS Office 2010 Keys List [100 Working]

MicroSoft Office 2010 Working Product Keys
Microsoft Office 2010 Working Product Keys
  • 912HD-YERFT- CV102-93847- 56LOA
  • BGNHK-MM9C7- 4URY6-EGDTF- H5674

How to Activate MS Office 2010 by Using Telephone?

If you want to activate MS Office 2010 by using telephone then you need to call Microsoft Activation Center. They will provide you MS Office 2010 product key. You can find telephone no. on the internet as well on your product box. You can follow below steps to go through this method:

  1. In the Activation Wizard, choose I want to activate the software by telephone.
  2. Call the numbers for your specific country/region. Microsoft Text Telephone (TT/TTY) services are available for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. In the United States, using a TT/TTY modem, dial (800) 718-1599. From outside the United States, using a TT/TTY modem, dial (716) 871-6859. TT/TTY service is only available in English.
  3. When you call the Activation Center, you’ll be asked to provide the installation ID
    (displayed on your screen) and other relevant information. After your installation ID is
    verified, you’ll receive a confirmation ID.
  4. In the Activation Wizard, type the confirmation ID in the spaces provided at the bottom of the screen, and then press the Enter key.

How To Change Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys?

Microsoft Office 2010 requires a valid Product Key in order to function after the trial period expires.  When you run multiple machines at work or otherwise, you may find yourself in need of changing the keys.  Unfortunately, Microsoft Office doesn’t install a tool for doing this, but the using the installer we can get around that.

When you activate Microsoft Office, you must enter a product key. If for any reason you need to change the product key in Office 2010, you have two options. You can change it from within any Office 2010 application, or you can change the product key from the Windows Control Panel. Select the option that seems easiest to you.

Option 1: Change the Product Key from Backstage View

The first location where you can change the Office 2010 product key is in “Backstage View” of any Microsoft Office 2010 program, such as Word, Excel or Publisher. In Office 2010, change product key in Backstage View by going to the File tab and clicking the Help tab in the left pane of the window.

Click the Change Product Key link in the About section of the window. The Product Activation window will open. Type your new product key into the box and then wait while your key is validated. Once it has been validated, click the Continue button. Click the Install Now button and wait while Office 2010 is configured with the new product key.

Option 2: Change the Product Key from the Control Panel

The second option you have is to change the product key via the Control Panel. Click the Start button and select Control Panel from the right pane of the Start Menu. Select Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP or Programs and Features in Windows 7/Vista.

Find Microsoft Office 2010 in the list of currently installed programs. Click to select it and then click Change.

From the newly opened dialogue box, click Enter a Product Key and click the Continue button. Enter your product key in the field provided and click the Continue button. Click the Install Now button and wait while Office 2010 is configured with the new product key.

Restart a Microsoft Office application. You may need to wait while it is configured with the changed product key. When the configuration is complete, you are done.

These methods let you change product key of the following Office 2010 editions and products:

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010
  • Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010

Your Office 2010 license allows you to reinstall Office on the same computer, and some licenses allow you to activate Office on more than one computer. But if you try activating Office and you get a message that you have installed it too many times, use the telephone option in the Activation Wizard to contact a support technician.

How to Find Your Microsoft Office 2010 or 2007 Product Key?

Where you will find your product key for Microsoft office 2010 depends on how you got your Microsoft office. It can be from an authorized dealer, a new PC running suit, a digital copy of Microsoft website, a free upgrade. It certifies that the copy of the program is original. Loss of a product key for Microsoft office 2010 usually means the software is useless once uninstalled, so you should be very cautious about your key and keep it safe with you otherwise you won’t be able to reuse your office if you reinstall it.

  1. Download LicenseCrawler which is free and portable and also valid product key extraction for both Office 2010 and Office 2007.
  2. After downloading, extract the ZIP file you now have to some folder and run LicenseCrawler.exe.
  3. Once LicenseCrawler opens, click or tap Search.
  4. Wait for LicenseCrawler to scan your entire registry, looking for registry keys that contain product key information. Since you probably have many more programs than Microsoft Office 2010 or 2007 installed, you’ll probably see lots of entries.
  5. Once LicenseCrawler is done scanning the registry, scroll down through the list and look for the entry that starts like one of these:
    The 14.0 entry corresponds to Office 2010, while 12.0 corresponds to Office 2007.
    You’ll only see one unless you happen to have both versions of Microsoft Office installed, but that’s not common.
  6. Under that entry, note the two rows, one labelled Product ID, another labelled Serial
  7. The Office 2010 or 2007 product key is the alphanumeric series listed as Serial Number. The Office product key will be formatted like xxxxx-xxxxx- xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. It’ll be 25 characters long – five sets of five letters and numbers.
  8. Write this product key code down exactly as LicenseCrawler shows it – you can either do this manually or copy it right out of the program. If you’re off by even one character, it won’t work.
  9. You can now reinstall Microsoft Office 2010 or 2007, using the product key that LicenseCrawler showed you.

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