Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam “The Complete In-Depth Review”

Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam “The Complete In-Depth Review”

In a need to buy a Dash Cam that can easily match up with your car? Then you landed the perfect place. Here you will find something that will fulfill all your expectations. Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam will offer you the best features that no other dash cam will ever provide. If you have a price issue than you don’t need to worry anymore. Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam has an affordable price.

This article provides you with the whole detail about this best front and rear dash cam. This dash cam has a perfect video quality under your budget. Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam has a dual camera which can simultaneously record the front as well as back videos if you want. Given below are the best features that will definitely make up your mind to buy Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam.

Some Amazing Features Of Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Design: Its classy formation helps it to look even more trendy to match up with your car. Because of its light weight i.e 3.52 ounces and small size 3.8*1.5*1.5, it can be easily mounted in your car. It is a matte black clour tool which looks even more classy. It has auto on and off button feature so whenever you will start your car this dash cam will automatically switch on and whenever you will stop your car it will also stop.  So you don’t need to worry when to open or close it.

Dual Camera: Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam offers you both front as well as the back camera. Well, almost all the dash cams provide you with the dual camera but the amazing part of Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam is that it can simultaneously record your front as well as back scenes. And if you want the recording of only one side then you just need to switch one button.

Motion Detection: And now Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam comes with the most amazing feature i.e Motion Detection. In this feature, the camera will automatically turn on if it feels any movement near it whether your car is on or off.

This feature is best used when you need a proper security for your car. If you have an issue that somebody scratches your car or stabbed up your tire or anything. Then with the help of this feature, you can easily find the culprit.

Loop Recording: It allows to record your videos in loops i.e 5,7,10 minutes. It will automatically save the video once the time gets up an will start recording another video.

If dash cam is over with its storage capacity then it will start overwriting your old unlocked videos.

Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam also offers the transfer option. You can easily share the recorded footage to any other device which will help you to save all your videos.

G-Sensor: If you want that some of your important videos should not be overwritten then you can lock them. This feature can be used if you want your video to use it as an evidence and the camera storage capacity got full. Then you can lock that video so that it will not be overwritten and you can easily use it as a proof whenever you need it.

HD Video Quality: This is the most important feature that everybody expects to be perfect before buying any camera. And Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam provides you with the picture-perfect quality. It has 1080p front camera and 720p front and rear camera simultaneously. You will never get a complaint against the video quality. The user will get the clearest recording at this price.

Clear Recording At Any Temperature: No matter where you go where you travel either at a low-level temperature or at high-level temperature, you will enjoy the clear video recording.

Video with Audio Recording: It depends upon you whether you prefer a video with sound or not. Jinyue Rear View Mirror Dash Cam offers you both the options. It will record your video with sound on. But if you want an off sound video than you just have to switch one button.


  • Easy to hold because of its design.
  • HD Video quality.
  • No temperature issue.
  • Dual camera with perfect recording from both the sides.
  • Built-in G-Sensor.


  • Small battery capacity
  • Night Vision not so clear

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