Guide on Adding Slow Motion Effect to the Video

Guide on Adding Slow Motion Effect to the Video

Slow motion effect can slow down an exciting moment that the audience is waiting to see in the video. For example, when two people run towards each other in their long time reunion. It can also be used highlight something in the video that you want to show to your audience. You don’t need to invest in expensive camera lens to capture a special moment in slow motion. Many basic video editor like Movavi Video Editor now incorporate this feature and let you slow down a video you have shot.

Firstly, you must open Movavi Video Editor and click on Add Media Files to select the video file that you want to add the slow motion effect. The video file that you open will appear on the timeline. With the video selected, you must click on the gear wheel button and go to the Clip Properties. Under the Video tab, you will see the speed slider that is used to change the playback speed of the video. As you apply the slow motion effect, you will notice that the clip has a longer duration than before.

Guide on Adding Slow Motion Effect to the Video

Now, you must drag the red marker to select the part that you want to add the slow motion effect. Next, you must drag the slider to the left to reduce the speed. The playback speed increases when you drag the slider to the right. The slow motion effect will also change the speed of the music playback in the background. It can sound weird when music is slow down. Unless this is what you want, you can disable the background music by clicking the mute track icon. In this way, the soundtrack will not play in the background at all.

If you change your mind, you can always enable the music track by clicking on the mute track button in the timeline again. If you want the music to play at normal speed in the background, you must first delete the music track and then re-add the original version that is not yet modified with the slow motion effect from your computer. You can merge additional music clips by using the Add Media Files button. The music clip will lined up behind the previously opened clip.

If you want, you can also add a motion blur effect to the part which you have added the slow motion effect. To add the blur effect, you can go to Filters and select the Blur group. You will find many blur filter options which you can use on your video clip. Some of the video blur effects are blue – mild, blur – intense, and bokeh blur. Bokeh blur can add blurring in different shapes such as diamonds and flowers. It is recommended that you film your video at a frame rate of at least 60 fps if you want to add the slow motion effect.

You can click the Export button to save your video with the slow motion effect. In the Export dialog box, you will see the option to save the video in different quality formats. Higher quality means the video will play in higher definition. At the same time, it will also require more CPU and time for the software to export the video. The last step is to click the Start button to initiate the slow motion conversion process.  

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