Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time: Samsung Gear is a line of wearable computing devices produced by Samsung Electronics.

Life is easier, healthier and a lot more interesting with Samsung Gear S2’s array of
applications and features. All available with twist and turns.

Samsung Gear application connects your Samsung Gear to your mobile device. It also
manages and monitors the Samsung Gear features and applications you have installed
through Gear apps.

Samsung Gear S2 runs on Tizen OS and one of the concerns early on was that it was going
to lack high-quality apps.  Apps available for Tizen OS were fewer,  especially when
compared with the 2.8 million apps available on Android Play and the 2.2 million apps on
the Apple App Store.

Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps
Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps

However, when Samsung Gear S2 was released, it came with a lot of pre-installed apps,

  • Mobile payment and e-commerce apps such as Alipay, Cashbee, eBay, and Groupon
  • Social apps such as Twitter, Weibo, and Line
  • News apps such as Bloomberg, CNN, ESPN, and WSJ
  • Fitness apps such as Nike+, Decadoo, and LifeSum
  • Travel apps such as Yelp, Iberia, and Tripcase
  • Others such as BMW, Market Wall, SmartThings, and SpritzMail
  • As time went on, more and more apps were introduced into the Samsung Gear Apps

List of Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time

Below is the list of one of the best Samsung Gear App.

  1. Calorie Burner S2 – Best Samsung Gear S2 App

    • Samsung Gear S2 allows you to monitor your health and well-being with S Health.  It works like any fitness tracking device out there, counting the number of steps you have taken, how many glasses of water you’ve drunk, how much sleep you’ve got, and others. It can also measure your heart rate and motivate you to meet your fitness goals.
    • Pair it with Calorie Burner S2 and you can make sure that you can work off all the calories you got from the food you ate.  With this app, you get a list of food items grouped into 14 different categories to make food easier to find.
  2. Phone Camera Controller

    • The Phone Camera Controller allows you to control your smartphone camera without even touching it.  You get to see a real-time view from your phone camera on your Gear S2 screen and take a photo using your Gear S2.
    • You can also switch from the back and the front camera, use a timer to take photos, turn the flash on or off, change the mode of the camera, record videos, and select image resolutions.
    • There is also a gallery of the last 12 photos or videos that you have taken.  This is a good way to take group pictures without relying on a selfie stick, or using someone’s long arm!
  3.  Calculator Pro+

    • Calculator Pro+ has an intuitive interface where the numbers are neatly arranged on one side and the operations on another side.
    • If you have big thumbs or fingers, you would love the popup text that appears as you tap on any of the buttons.  The popup text will give you instant feedback if you keyed in the right number or operations.
    • There is also a delete button to correct any mistake you might make and a clear all button to let you start over.  The Calculator Pro+ can deal with complex equations, too, such as 525 + (-252) x 5.
  4. Xenozu YouTube Player

    • YouTube does not have an official app for the Gear S2 but doesn’t worry as you can use Xenozu YouTube Player to access videos on the popular video-sharing site. You can cycle through videos, or choose a particular category using the bezel.  You can also search for a video.
    • While watching a video, you can turn the volume up or down or go forward or replay the video with the bezel. You can also double tap on the screen to pause or play a video. Plus, you can use the buttons for other functionalities.
    • While the video quality is lower and the video is cropped to show an only center portion of whatever footage you are watching, it is still a good app to use when you cannot get your phone out.
    • You’ll be given a neat screen to navigate around with the rotating bezel, allowing you to quickly jump into popular videos, different categories or simply use the search tool.
  5. Travel Phrasebook

    • If you often travel outside the country, you should definitely install Travel Phrasebook onto your Gear S2.
    • Making those tricky conversations abroad a little easier, this Gear S2 app plucks out a selection of handy phrases covering all the important scenarios like talking to a taxi driver, going for dinner and working out your money.
    • The app works even when you are not connected to the Internet.
  6. Here Navigator

    • Here Navigator, which gives you turn by turn and accurate directions to your destinations. Whether you are walking or driving to your destination, you can rely on Here Navigator to find the fastest routes.
  7. Uber

    • Uber allows you to get a ride and pay with cash or through credit card, Paypal, and other payment methods.
    • With Gear S2, you can now order a car right on your wrist.  You will see a small map on your Gear S2 and you can move it around to set your current location.  After that, you will be asked what type of car or service you are interested in (Uber X, Uber XL, Select, Pool or Black).  To choose which option you want, you only have to rotate the bezel and order.
    • The app will also show you where your driver is using a miniature map.  It also shows an estimate of when it will arrive at the pickup point.
  8. Vroom Rider

    • There’s not a lot of Gear S2 games out there, but this Outrun-esque arcade racer is among the best of the bunch. You can steer the car using the Gear S2’s rotating bezel and while longer sessions might sap the life out of the battery, it’s a whole lot of fun.
  9. Prana

    • The breathing exercise app is all about helping you relax, reduce that anxiety and just generally feel a lot less stressed. It works by displaying animations that will guide you through the simple sessions letting you use the rotating bezel or the touch screen to set up the session duration.
  10. Chat Hub

    • This handy Samsung app brings all your messages into one screen – texts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. Chat Hub includes both preset replies like What’s up and an onscreen keyboard if you really want to type out your response.

Features of Samsung Gear S2

  1. Design

    • Gear S2 comes full circle with a durable stainless steel body that is slim and
      sleek on your wrist
    • You can also customize the watch face and change watch bands easily.
    • It’s a device for all occasion
  2. Movement

    • Essential smartphone features are available with a simple twist on Gear S2.
    • Gently turn the bezel to scroll through long emails, zoom in on map or skip a track during playback.
    • Life keeps getting better with every turn
  3.  S Health

    • Taking charge of your health is easy with Gear S2.
    • Track your daily activity levels such as
    • heart rate
      • water vs. caffeine intake.
      • Measure your pulse
      • Select type of exercise
      • Count your steps
    • Continue to stay fit with timely motivational messages.
  4. Power

    • When it’s time for a recharge, simply place it on the wireless charging dock.
  5. Partners

    • Samsung has partnered up with a growing portfolio of amazing apps to make Gear S2 work for you.
  6. Connectivity

    • With enough space to store 300 songs synced seamlessly from your phone, your favorite playlists go where you go. Even when you leave your phone at home to go for a run. Gear S2 and Level U Bluetooth headphones are all you need.

Samsung released the iOS version of its Gear S app. With the app, users can use the Gear S2 or Gear S3 smartwatch with an iPhone for the very first time.

Hope you guys got useful information from here. Here we have listed top 10 best Samsung Gear S2 Apps to download. You may find some apps that you use daily basis. if you really enjoy our post please do post review.


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