Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps you must have installed – updated list 2018

Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps – updated list 2018: Technology companies are coming with lots of computing devices which make life much easier, better and faster. Samsung Gear is the first smartwatch device in Samsung Gear family which is produced by Samsung Electronics. Originally it was compatible with an Android operating system but now it is upgraded to Tizen operating system.

There are plenty of applications in Gear all available with twist and turns. Now playing with this unique device is quite easy and interesting as Gear application can be connected to mobile device through Bluetooth. So in short Gear communicates to mobile and mobile communicates to Gear.

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps you must have installed – updated list 2018

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps
Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps

Early applications available for Tizen OS were very few if compared to millions of application on Google play store and Apple app store. However, when Samsung Gear S2 was released; it came with a lot of pre-installed applications, including:

  • Mobile payment and e-commerce apps such as Alipay, eBay, and Groupon
  • Social media apps such as Twitter Trends, Spotify , and Line
  • News apps such as Bloomberg, CNN, ESPN, and WSJ
  • Health and Fitness apps such as Nike+, Decadoo, and CalorieBurner
  • Travel apps such as Yelp, travel phrase book, and Tripcase
  • Others such as BMW, Market Wall, SmartThings, and SpritzMail

As time went on, more and more apps were introduced into the Samsung Gear Apps marketplace.

Here is a Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps updated list 2018 that you must have installed

Below is the list of one of the best Samsung Gear App.

Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+ is first on our Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps list. Calculator Pro+ has a very neat and clean interface with a good arrangement of numbers on one side and all the operations on another side. This arrangement is quite comfortable to work on and use the app. There are two modes for calculation: Portrait mode for basic calculation and Landscape mode for complex calculations.

This application does all the simple and complex operations such as 23.89 x (0.24)+12. It also has the delete button to undo any action taken and clear button to start from the beginning. Conversion from one unit to other such as switch between currencies, temperature, length, speed, degree, radians and other 19 categories of a unit is also possible.

Calculator Pro+ is now accessible via VoiceOver as well. There is also a history bar to see full calculation history directly on a screen. You can also save, delete and view the selected equation. Also, the popup text will give instant feedback if you keyed in the right number or operations.

Xenozu YouTube Player

Xenozu YouTube Player is used to access videos on the popular video-sharing site because YouTube does not have an official app for the Gear S2. With this app, you can scroll through videos and play a particular video with help of bezel. You can also search for videos.

While watching a video, you can increase or decrease the volume and even forward or replay the video with the bezel.  With a double tap on the screen, you can bring the video to pause or play.  Plus, you can use the buttons for other functionalities. The interface is neat which makes navigating through videos or even jumping into popular videos, different categories or search tool easy. thus we have added Xenozu YouTube Player on top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps List 2018.

Travel Phrasebook

If you are traveling freak and travel a lot outside the country, Travel Phrasebook is really helpful and must be onto your Gear S2.

The app includes all the facility that you require once you are out of your country such as booking a cab, exchanging currency into local currency, finding good restaurants etc. The app works even when you are not connected to the Internet. that’s why it is included on Top Samsung Gear S2 Apps updated list.

Here Navigator

Next is Here Navigator on our Samsung Gear S2 Apps List. Here Navigator gives the which accurate directions to your destinations. Whether you are walking or driving to your destination, it does not matter you can rely on Here Navigator to find the fastest routes. It shows direction turn by turn so that it is easy for you to follow the direction.

It ensures the best possible directions to your destination allowing you to reach easily and quickly.

Mr. Time Maker

Another Best Samsung Gear S2 App is Mr. Time Maker. Mr. Time Maker allows you to customize your Samsung Gear S2’ watch face by adding some color to its dial and dates to its widgets.

Download and install Mr. Time Maker and design your own watch face or choose from 100,000 watch faces already available on the site.  You can also add widgets to your customized watch face very often.


Uber is also one of the best samsung gear s2 apps that you must installed on your device. Uber has made traveling a lot easier and time saver as it allows you to get a ride and pay with cash or through credit card, Paypal, and other payment methods.

With Gear S2, you can now book a car of your choice right from your wrist. There will be a small map on your Gear S2 and you can move it around to set your current location.  After that, select the type of car or service you are interested in rotating the bezel and order. The map also shows where the driver has reached, where has he stuck in traffic and also an estimated time of when it will arrive at the pickup point.


Looking for text messages in every application is a tedious task sometimes. However, Chat Hub app brings all messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, text message etc all into one screen.

Also, there is no need of logging in into every application. Chat Hub includes an onscreen keyboard to type out your response. as nowaday everone using social messaging apps we have added ChatHub on our Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps List.

Twitter Trends

Another App on our Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps 2018 List is Twitter Trends. Twitter Trends app is designed only for notifications from Twitter. All you need to do is download, install and log into your twitter account that’s it. Your screen will display all new tweets without visiting the Twitter app.

If you stay updated with twitter and follow your favorite celebrities then download Twitter Trends for everyday use.


Spotify is also one of the Best samsung gear s2 app for music. Spotify is one of the famous music apps. All the music lovers must have this app as it has much functionality. So controlling music list with help of smartwatch is easy with help of Spotify.

The user can scroll through their playlist with help of bezel, select track, and select artist with help of app in their watches. All this is possible only if your gear is connected to Wi-Fi as with this app there is no offline mode and it will only work if a user has LTE supported smartwatch.


If you want to instantly talk to your friend all you need is Voxer app. Voxer allows you to send audio messages from your smartwatch to someone. It is as simple as tapping on a contact and start speaking into your watch, that’s it. so we have added it on Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps.

The notification appears as a message on your mate’s watch and they can easily listen to it on the watch itself via the S2 speaker or on a connected Bluetooth headset.

Features of Samsung Gear S2


Gear S2 is circular in shape with a durable stainless steel body that is slim and fits flat on your wrist.

This circular interface makes accessing all the essential features quicker.

Customizing the watch face and changing watch bands is quite easy.

It’s a device which is suitable for every occasion


Samsung Gear works on twist and turns of bezel.

Just gently turn the bezel to scroll through text messages, zoom in on a map or change a track during playing music.

Life keeps getting better with every turn.

S Health

Samsung Gear is fitness smartwatch where it takes charge of your health.

You can easily track your daily activities such as

  • heart rate monitor
  • water intake throughout the day.
  • Measuring pulse rate.
  • Select type of exercise.
  • Counting steps.
  • Measuring calorie.
  • With Gear S2 you can continue to stay fit with its timely motivational messages.


Charging Gear S2 is easy as you need to place the watch on charging dock. Also, the battery life is good and can last for 4 days depending on its usage.


Samsung has partnered up with a growing portfolio of amazing apps to make Gear S2 work for you.


Gear S2 can be connected to the headphone or even mobile phone through Bluetooth. Also, the storage is quite enough to store a number of applications and easily synchronize 300 songs from your phone.

Samsung released the iOS version of its Gear S app. With the app, users can use the Gear S2 or Gear S3 smartwatch with an iPhone for the very first time

Hope you guys got useful information from here. Here we have listed the top 10 best Samsung Gear S2 Apps to download. You may find some apps that you use daily basis. if you really enjoy our post please do post review.

Best Samsung Gear S2 App
  • Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time


Samsung Gear application connects your Samsung Gear to your mobile device. It also
manages and monitors the Samsung Gear features and applications you have installed
through Gear apps. Here we have provided you Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time to Download first. Get the list of Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps.

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