Best Dating Apps for Relationships in India

Best Dating Apps for Relationships in India

You can pretend that you are not interested in the field of online dating and everything connected with it. You can even pretend that you have never visited any international dating website.  However, sooner or later this farce will end. In life, there are very different situations – who knows when the fateful day will come and you want to find a soul mate. Perhaps you try to use the old way of dating – go to the nearest bar, sit and start looking for a lonely beauty who wants to chat with you and drink a couple of cocktails.

But let’s be honest with each other – few men have enough good dating skills to be lucky in such a scenario. Especially if you want to get acquainted in a foreign country. For example, in India. In this case, dating applications will be more relevant than the classic pick-up in the bar.

Best Dating Apps for Relationships in India

Best Dating Apps for Relationships in India


Tinder is the dating app number one. With this, it is difficult to argue. Developers of Tinder made a real revolution in this business. This is evidenced not only by a surge of great interest in the dating industry but also by thousands of users who find themselves new friends and new love every day. Developers of other services shamelessly steal from Tinder all that can be stolen and not be punished for it. This attitude is another important indicator of service quality. By the way, it enjoys great popularity in India. Both local residents and tourists use it. Everyone gets acquainted with everyone – a real paradise for lovers of new sensations.

The Tinder interface is extremely simple and straightforward. Its use is similar to switching TV channels (do you still remember what is it?).


Hinge is another giant with a many-thousand audience in the field of dating. It is very similar to Tinder – both with the interface and the quality of the services provided. At first glance, it seems that there is too much in common between them and it makes no sense to choose a service that has fewer subscribers and is slightly less popular. However, the first impression is very deceptive. Functional of Hinge is more detailed. The fact is that Tinder was created as an application for hookups. That’s why it’s so popular. Hinge took all the best that there is in the predecessor (a simple interface, simple communication, and so on) and tried to personalize the data about the user.

In Hinge, there are questions that allow deeper disclosure of the user’s identity and thereby improve the result from using the service. Hinge is ideal for those who are aimed at creating a long-term romantic relationship, not just hookups.


This unique dating application has a special match algorithm. It selects a potential couple based on the geographical location. Have you ever wondered with how many people your paths cross every day? And how many of them can become your second half? The creators of Happn pondered these questions and realized that this approach hides a huge potential. You can connect your account using a Facebook profile and indicate what you would like to do on a date. Next, the application will show you other Happn users that are 250 meters away from you. You can view them and contact those you like. In India, this application is used by hundreds of people, which means hundreds of chances to go on a date with a person who is in close proximity to you.


When the developers of Bumble started working on their product, they really wanted to please women. But how to do that? After a night of hard thinking, a team of geniuses from Bumble finally found a solution – it is necessary to give women the opportunity to write to men first! Previously, no application used this feature. It is necessary to recognize that the guys from Bumble were not mistaken in their choice – the audience of the app is constantly growing. And the number of men is no less than that of women. Probably, men are tired to take responsibility and always take the first step towards the relationship … Well, now they have the opportunity to be a little more passive than usual.

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