Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Game

Armored Core 6Playing games has been the favorite time pass during vacations for all the kids. Earlier games were very simple and now the games have taken a huge turn according to the generation. The gaming industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. These industries have to come out with something new frequently in the market and also stay updated. And as you know updates are always with better features as they try to fix bugs and help games to have a much easier and better experience.

Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6

The Armored Core series is the most beloved gaming series from 3 decades for the gamers. It is mecha-based game series. The game has everything from groundbreaking, never imaginable theme and story and also great visualization. The elements like combat machines, militarized weapons and many other tweaks and customization with a mechanical fighting suit. These factors are responsible for making Armored series of the game the best and classic. Fans love Armored Core games because of its skill-based team battles over large areas. It’s been a long time since fans have not heard about the official announcement of Armored Core gaming series.

List of games from the Armored Core series

  • Armored Core- released in 1997
  • Armored Core: Project Phantasm
  • Armored Core: Master of Arena
  • Armored Core 2
  • Armored Core 2: Another Age
  • Armored Core 3
  • Silent Line: Armored Core
  • Armored Core Nexus
  • Armored Core: Formula Front
  • Armored Core: Nine Breaker
  • Armored Core: Last Raven
  • Armored Core: Mobile Online
  • Armored Core: Mobile Mission
  • Armored Core: Mobile 2
  • Armored Core 4
  • Armored Core: Mobile 3
  • Armored Core: Mobile 4
  • Armored Core: For Answer
  • Armored Core V
  • Armored Core: Verdict Day

Platforms supported by Armored Core

Armored Core series game is compatible to run in all kind of Play stations such as Play Station Portable, original Play Station, Play Station2, Play Station3. However, Core 5 series game is the only game which is compatible with Xbox One. New version Armored Core 6 will be supported by Xbox One, the play station 4 pro, play station 4 slim, the original play station 4. The Core series is also compatible with limited smart mobile phones so there will be a mobile version release of the Armored Core 6. Armored Core V is compatible with 3rd generation Play Station and Xbox.

Armored Core series so far

The last Armored Core entry was Armored Core 5 which released back in 2012.

Till the time Armored Core 6 is released, we should stick to something else which can be a good alternative to Armored game series.

Armored Core 6 Alternatives

  1. Dark Soul series

    • The soul series is an action role-playing video games created and developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai Games. The series began with the release of Demon’s souls for the PlayStation 3 in 2009.
    • The game is about the delicate balance between difficulty and cruelty, and the elation of seeing the world’s victory achieved.
    • Players are taught to be patient and look for an opening instead of swinging their weapon wildly; they go through hardship and pain.
    • The theme and game play is completely different. The theme is about life and death, coming back from death by reincarnation and saving the world from demons.
  2. Bloodborne

    • Bloodborne is an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and compatible with PlayStation 4.
    • It is a third-person perspective game where gamers control protagonist and focus on weapon-based combat and destructions.
    • The game is all about using items such as swords and firearms, interacting with nonplayer character, collecting key items in a story, and discovering mysteries of the world and many more.
    • Bloodborne also received fair critical acclaim for its theme which is quite difficult for someone to understand.
  3. Titanfall series

    • Titanfall series is a multi-player shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronics Art.
    • Titanfall series theme describes the world of robots where robots are trying to kill each other.
    • It also has the concept of a future world where there will be fights between robots for survival
    • It has a superb balance of play between pilots and Titans.
    • This game is a great fun and good alternative for the people who used to like armored core for their top of the world theme.
  4. Super Robot Wars V

    • Super Robot wars V (V stands for voyage) is a role-playing game developed by B.B. Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.
    • It is compatible with PlayStation4 and PlayStation Vita.
    • The interface of the game is based on Space Battleship Yamato 2199.
    • The game involves taking place on grid-based battlefields, players will destroy their enemies, mechs, and ships to engage in battle to accomplish a various task.
    • Super Robot Wars offers plenty of things to do in battle making game for enjoyment.
    • “Super Robot Wars V” offers 50 to 60 hours of gameplay, and even more in your second playthrough.

What the symbol ‘V’ specifies?

Actually, nobody knows what this “V” means and whether it’s for an upcoming new game series. However, there are only two images depicting a white V on a red background and a red V on a white background has been trademarked.

The symbol V might be an Armored Core 5 or Armored Core Verdict Day remaster on the current-gen consoles.

However, developer Bandai Namco and even FromSoftware themselves have not yet announced any statements about any Armored Core entry coming soon. We have to be patient and wait for announcements about this “V” trademark to know if it’s really for Armored Core.

Whenever Armored Core released, it’s accessibility will be more than the previous versions and will be more enjoyable.


Fans are waiting since long time for Armored Core 6 to be released. But all we can do is be patient and hope that Armored Core 6 be released as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, suit up and continue to kill armored robots and save the world. You can also kill time by playing those alternatives which are compatible with Play Station 4 and Xbox one till the Armored Core 6 is released.

Maybe these alternatives will distract your mind and make you forget about Armored Core 6 for some time.

With any luck, we might even hear something soon about more new games in the series such as Gundam Versus on PS4 for all the fans of mecha games.

Armored core
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Armored core is a video game series developed by From Software for the PlayStation,PlayStation2 ,PlayStation Portable ,PlayStation3 ,PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and mobile phone platforms. Get Armored Core 6 PS4 Games – Release Date, News, and Latest Updates. Here you can get All Details about Armored Core 6.

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