Android Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds

List of Android Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds

Android Apps for Investing in Mutual FundsMutual funds are gaining everyone’s attention for capital building. There are various schemes and funds for mutual funds available for the investors for investing their money. But there is a lot of confusion on choosing the right platform or how can they invest the money. To help out the new investors and also the old ones, there are many apps available in the market for the android users. The apps ease the way an investor invests the money in Mutual Funds.

Here in this article, there are some shortlisted android apps for investing in mutual funds.

List of Android Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds

List of Android Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds


Using Savart you can start investing in Mutual Funds with as low as Rs. 10 and stock with personalized advice from an online wealth manager. And to add to this, there is no fee involved in the whole process.

Using Savart, you can achieve your financial goals more efficiently and easily. Whether you a beginner or a seasoned investor, savart will help you invest in mutual funds and stocks using online wealth manager. If will give you personalized financial recommendations as per your risk appetite, income levels, and investment preferences. Not only this, it also helps you to invest in ELSS MF to get the tax exemption under section 80C.

  • MyCAMS

myCAMS is another app to transact in Mutual Funds in a faster and smarter way. With myCAMS you can get a one view portfolio, set up SIP and stay updated on your investments across Mutual Funds.

Also myCAMS is a completely secure app as it does not store any information on your device or SIM card.  Using myCAMS you can access multiple mutual funds through a single gateway which means there is no need to manage multiple PINS, Folios numbers or login ids.

  • IPRUTOUCH  by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

The ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund launched an app called IPRUTOUCH for the investors and distributors. You can also get account statement and capital gain on email by a click for last financial year, current financial year and also for specific date range. You can also update your mobile number and email id as and when you like.

The app has a very simple interface which makes it easier for the new investors to invest in mutual funds and stocks. Along with it, you get an easy and fast customer support.


SBI MF has built an app, namely Investap, for investing in mutual funds. Investap is a quick, convenient as well as an efficient app allowing the investors to manage investments on the go. You will be given access to detailed information about each mutual fund schemes.

Using the Investap you can invest in mutual funds instantly, all you will need is your PAN to start the investments. There are some additional features for your convenience, such as you can mark your frequent transactions as favourites and reinvest in them in just a few clicks.


The Aditya Birla Sun Life MF came up with an app called FinGo for investors to invest their money Mutual Funds. Using the FinGo app you can transact, purchase, redeem and switch between various mutual fund schemes. You can also view your ABSL mutual fund investments in the portfolio.

Using their tools and calculators, you can check how small investments made at regular intervals can grow to a large figure over a period of time. It also keeps you updated with the indices of BSE and NSE in the market.


The EasyApp by Axis Bank Mutual Fund allows investors to purchase, redeem, switch, and start fresh SIP using internet banking and the EasyCall facility in Axis Mutual Fund Schemes. Using the app you can also schedule your transactions and also get instant redemption for liquid funds. Other additional features are goal planning for every single stage in life, intuitive portfolio holding view, analyse portfolio, receive notifications about transactions pushed by you distributor, if any, or check transactional email and SMS. You can star informed using the tools such as quick links and videos.


Using the FundsIndia App you get personalised recommendations for meeting you financial goals and make smart online investments that deliver market-beating results.

It’s the first and largest free online investment platform in India that offers a variety of products such as mutual funds, equities, and company fixed deposits. There is zero cost and zero paperwork required in the whole process. Also you can use their SIP calculator to calculate your needs as per your financial goals. To add to this, you get all these features at a bank level security.


The HDFC MF has launched an app for android namely HDFCMF Mobile for the investors to invest in mutual funds and stocks. The HDFCMF app allows you to access your portfolio on you android mobile.

Using the app you can subscribe, switch, and redeem various schemes of the HDFC mutual fund. Not only this, you can also view your folio valuation. You can even request your account statements anytime and anywhere on the go.


The KTrack app for mutual funds allows you to view NAV details and fetch account statement on the go. The KTrack app has a user-friendly interface which allows the investors to log in through their Facebook or Google Account. You can even link you family folios for single portfolio view.

You can use the KTrack app to know your transaction status at any time and anywhere. Also, it allows you to invest or re-allocate portfolio from ‘My Portfolio’.

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