A Guide to IP Telephone Services

A Guide to IP Telephone Services: IP –  otherwise known as Internet Protocol –  telephone services may sound like a complex concept to grasp, but as a matter of fact it is fairly straightforward. It means the internet is providing a service over a more traditional method. Say for instance you can use the internet rather than a landline. IP telephone services are commonplace in the workplace and can bring many benefits to an office environment.

Why You Might Need Them

If you work in a large office with lots of different departments, the simple task of getting someone through to the right line could potentially waste a customer, and the company, valuable time. It’s a common occurrence for people to spend more time on hold than they do talking to an actual person. Or perhaps you’re a new business and you don’t have the time to answer all calls from every single customer. By embracing IP telephone services, it can increase efficiency in any workplace.


Using IP telephone services can bring so many benefits to a business, not only for fellow colleagues but also for the customers.  How can it increase customer experience? With the use of technology, a person can be transferred to the relevant staff member much faster and have their query deal with effectively. Also team members can get in touch with one another with much more ease, too. It can also increase productivity in the office. Call reports can be produced easily, which can demonstrate trends. People can learn which phone habits work and which don’t.


There is the initial cost of setting up IP telephone services. These prices can vary depending on the level of service the company requires. However, with a provider such as Redcentric a business doesn’t have to fear about overpaying for the services. With Redcentric, a business will pay for what they use in both voice and data.

Saving Money

Once the IP telephone service is set up, it can save the office money. Once it’s installed, the use of the landline – and consequent bills – will be drastically reduced. Also IP telephone services allow a business to have a 24 hour contact line, without the need to hire extra staff to manage that. Other than saving a company both on utilities and wages, this technology is a good investment. IP telephone services are set to expand over the next five years so it’s definitely a good time for businesses to start embracing this technology.

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